Since inception the Santha has been running a lot of govt. projects/schemes for welfare of women and children, senior citizens, education, health, disabilities etc. which are mentioned below-


                The Family Counselling Centre is a women related scheme initiated by Central Social Welfare Board, under Ministry Women and Child Development, Govt. of India which run are running through non govt. organization by the board. Accordingly the Santha is able to get opportunity to run the said scheme since 1992. From starting of the scheme total 2102 Nos. cases were registered and 1199 Nos. cases were closed. In the financial year the total 72 Nos. of cases were registered and 47 Nos. cases were closed. The nature of the cases which were dealt by the FCCcentreare as mentioned below- marital maladjustment, domestic violence, dowry demand, child marriage, illegal pregnancy, extra-marital relation, bigamy etc. For functioning of the centrea sub-committee were formed and discussed all the matters related to the women. The sub-committee meeting were held every quarter under thePresidentship of the sub-committee. The meeting of the sub-committee were held on 22-06-2019, 28-09-2019, 26-10-2019 and 28-12-2019 under the Presidentship of Advocate Smt. BibhaPhukan, Nagaon Bar Association. The members of the committee were regularly present in the meeting namely – Smt. Tagar Bora, Social Activist, Sri SachindraBorthakur, Advocate, Smt. DipaliSaikia, Social Activist, Dr. Kamal Laskar,Rtd, SDMO, Smt. Anima BaruahSarmah, Cultural Activist. Besides representative District Social Welfare Officer, Nagaon and I/C local police station. This year International Women Day on 8th March observed centrally at Borhagohain Than at TulsshiMukh.In collaboration withPurbachalGanaVikash Kendra. 7 Nos. of awareness meeting were also organized in different locations namely – Doboka, Lanka, AWTC, Nagaon, Betkati, Baligaon, Dhing and Santha’s head office It is mentioned that during the COVID-19 the centre telephonically contactedwith some clients/beneficiaries and suggested them for staying home, use hand wash, maintain social distancing, use of mask regularly and health & hygiene and follow the govt. instruction for self-safety. Some cases were counseling with the both parties for reunion. As per the scheme the organization had appointed 2 Nos. of Counsellor, 1 No. Hon. Legal Expert, 1 Clerk & 1 Grade IV for smooth running of the programme. During this financial year an amount of rupees 2,88,000.00 has been received as grant in aid vide sanction SWB/XXII-2(5)/Decent/FCC/19-20/332, dtd- 04-01-2020 for smooth functioning of centre.


                The Swadhar Greh is a women related scheme sponsored by Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India which is implemented by the Organization under Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Assam. Earlier this scheme is known a Short Stay Home under Central Social Welfare Board sponsored by the said ministry.

                Since 2016-17 Short Stay Home has converted in to SwadharGreh with the capacity of 30 Nos. inmates as per previous guidelines. Accordingly the organization has provided shelter 54 nos. of inmates for maximum period of 3 years those who are identified destitute and abandoned women, particularly victims by their husband, family members and others due to dowry, bigamy, domestic violence, extra marital affairs, alcoholism etc. Inmates of the home are referred by Govt. and Non Govt. sources like panchayat members, Asha workers, police department, Social Welfare Department, Family Counselling Centre, Anganwadi Workers, Health Department, One Stop Centre etc. Some inmates come to home herself after facing tortured by the family. The inmates are admitted between the age group of 15-35 yrs. after proper health check up by the medical officer and counseling by counsellors of the home (Greh). The childrenbelow 7 yrs also are admitted come with their mother. During the staying period of inmates the Santha had provided vocational training, imparted literacy classes in the home and also other training institution registered under NCVT etc.

                The Santha constituted a monitoring committee as under in order to ensure their smooth functioning and suggesting steps for better management in the Greh. The meeting of the committee is held quarterly to review the activities. The necessary facilities as per the scheme is provided to the inmates. There is one menu for their breakfast, lunch, dinner which isdisplayed in the home. The Santha has organized awareness meeting regularly once in a month and discuss on health and hygiene, self-dependent, behaviour right to women and state and central govt. policy and schemes adopted for welfare ofneedy women. The inmates also get opportunity for performing all religious festivals Bihu, Durga Puja, Eid, Holi, SankardevaTithi, Sarawasti Puja, Shiva Ratri etc. Besides games and sports cultural activities, yoga programme, educational tour has arranged for their development. Inmates are involved in various divas observed by the Santha like New Years day, Silpi Divas, foundation day of the organization, AIDS day, National Science Day, Environment day, Population Day, Breast feeding week, QuamiEktaSaptah, Literacy Day, Birth Anniversary of Dr. BhupenHazarika, Birth Day of NetajiSubhas Ch. Bose, RabindraJayanti, Swami Vivekananda Birth Day, BirthdayDeendayalUpadhaya, Republic Day, Independence Day, Nutrition month, Children day etc. Regular health checkup programmes are also conducted by the Santha. During this financial year the total 54 Nos. of inmates are benefitted including 3 Nos. of children of the Greh. The names of the Grehnamed as Late AideuHandique, first lady lady film actress of Assamese flim. During this year 15 Nos. of dignitaries visited the home includingDistrict Social Welfare Officer, Nagaon and other officials of the district administration. They also interacted with the inmates and encouraged them. The special medical camp also organized by the Indian Army (Red Horns Division) Jagiroad providing the medicines and nutritious foods. During the COVID-19 Lock down period the Santha has provided musk, sanitizer, soap, hand wash to the inmates and monitored the social atmosphere frequently.

                 As per guideline of the SwadharGrehSantha has engaged One lady Superintendent, One lady Counsellor, One Clerk cum Typist,  One part time Medical Officer, Two grade IV employeesfor  smooth functioning of the Greh. The balanced grant-in-aid for the year for 2016-17 to 2018-19 and first installment of 2019-20 has been released by the Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Assam. There are 10% share borne by the organization as per norms of the scheme. The Santha offered warm gratitude to the Ministry of Women and Child Development as well as Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Assam for offering this opportunities to the organization forproviding services to the neglected women.


                The National Creche Scheme is a central govt. scheme implemented by the Ministry of Women and Child Development through the Non Govt. Organization entire the country between age group 0-6 years those who enrolled from BPL families. Accordingly under the schemes the enrolled children whose parents leaving home for their working places. For the healthy life of children they drop them in CrecheCentres. There are two nos. staff, including one Worker and one Ayah for taking care of the child and providing nutritious food and conduct pre-school programme, playing, dancing, singing etc. for the all-round development. It is mentioned that the Santha is conducting 38 Nos. of Creche Unit in different locations of Nagaon, Sonitpur and Darrang district since 2008-09 which are benefitted 25 Nos. children in each centre and total 950 children in every month.  These centres open every day from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm and total working days 22 in a month.

                As per budget provision of the scheme Rupees 12 lakhs including 10% share of the organization providing nutritious food to the children in every day like mix rice, sweet rice, egg, fruits, milk, biscuit etc. This scheme earlier run by the Santha under the Central Social Welfare Board which is handed over to the state govt. by the ministry in the year of 2016-17. Accordingly the Santha is running the centres smoothly as per guidelines. During this financial year the Santha is also running the centres properly and providing necessary facilities to the beneficiariesproperly. Review and monitoring is organized once in a month in presents of worker and helpers and reviewed thefunctions of the centres. All the centres organized the monthly meeting of local committee and discuss performance, problems, health checkup, nutrition etc. Besides health checkupprogramme conducted regularly and provide medicine where necessary. Every year observed children day on 14th November and Mother’s day, Nutrition week, Breast feeding week etc. by the centres and Workers and Ayahs of each centre participated pulse polio, immunization programme organized by Health Department for smooth functioning of the centre. The Worker and Ayah regularly contacted with Asha Worker, Anganwadi Worker and local organizations, panchayat etc. All the centresare established at prominent places of the locality.

                As per the scheme 10% share borne by the organization for the smooth functioning of the centre. The grant-in-aid for the year of 2018-19 has realized for the year by the Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Assam. In the year of 2019-20 and the Santha cleared the past liabilities.


Like previous years the Santha has been conducting 3 Nos. of Anganwadi Workers Training Centresunder Integrated Child Development Scheme one at Nagaon(1996), one at Panjabari, Guwahati (2004) and at Bokakhat, Dist.- Golaghatin 2008 respectively. Moreover one Middle Level Training Centre has been running by the Santha for imparting training to the Supervisors under ICDS project. These centres are running by the Santha under Ministry of Women and Child Development and Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Assam. The main objectives of the scheme to empower the grassroots level functionaries like Anganwadi Workers and Helpers as well as Supervisors through 30 days residential Job Training for Supervisors and Workers, 7 days Refreshers training for Supervisors and Anganwadi Workers and 8 days for Orientation programme forAnganwadi Helpers. The syllabus of the training programmes were formulated by National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development (NIPCCD). The necessary staff for the training centre appointed by the Santha like- One Principal, Two Instructors, One Accountant, One Warden, One Office Assistant, One Grade IV employees.

                In the training period as per guidelines of the scheme the Resource Personsare invited for imparting the classes.   In the beginning of the training inauguration session is conducted for introduction of the trainees and explain role and regulations of the centre and background of implementing agency etc. Besides these, the Santha organized the awareness programme among the trainees to aware the govt. programme and policies. Further the training authority had also imparted knowledge regarding Old Age Home, SwadharGreh, Children Home, SAA, Childline, Child Labour, Family Counselling Centre, Domestic violence etc.

                During this financial year AWTC, Nagaon conducted 1 No. of Job and 3 Nos. of Orientation training and all together 157Nos. ofAnganwadi functionaries received training. The AWTC Guwahati has conducted 2Nos. of Job and 2 Nos. of Orientation and all together 151 Nos. of Anganwadi functionaries received training. The AWTC Bokakhat has also conducted 6 Nos. of Orientation Training and all together 256 Nos. of Anganwadi functionaries received training.

                Besides this MLTC, Nagaon has conducted 2 Nos. of Job Training and benefitted19 Nos. of trainees from the training.During the training period accommodation and food facilities are provided to the trainees and also provide TA to the trainees. Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Assam had released amounting Rs.20,34748.00 to the organizationan amount of Rs. 2, 54,74,773.00 is yet to receive. Due to non-receiving the whole amount the organization is facing financial hardship to meet the liabilities. As per new guidelines of the ministry the organization uploaded online renewal project proposal through Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Assam for the year of 2019-20 which is not yet released the fund.

Maintenance of Senior Citizens Home (Old Age Home)

                Senior Citizen Home is a project under Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India particularly Senior Citizens who exceed age of 60 yrs. This programmehas covered the Senior Citizens who are unable to stay in their own houses due to family burden, family dispute, lack of food, maintenance of good health properly and deprivation of the society etc. The Santha has conducted an Old Age Home (known as Senior Citizens Home) since the year of 2001. The ministry has sanctioned an amount of Rs. 4,94,650.00 for construction of building (Assam type building) for accommodation of 25 Nos. Senior Citizens. From the establishment of the home to till date 675 Nos. of Senior Citizens have been benefited. Accordingly all the beneficiaries are getting nutritious food, health care, recreational facilities, excursion, literacy programme, reading materials etc.

                The beneficiaries avail all local and regional festivals like Bihu, Durga Puja, Shivaratri, Saraswati Puja, Holi, Independence Day and Republic day, International Senior Citizen Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Women Day, World AIDS day etc.

                In this financial year total 39 Nos. of beneficiaries passed away for old age ailments. After death funeral ceremony and ritual activities havebeen done by the organization. The organization also organized awareness programme among the senior citizens on health and environment, sanitation, govt. plan and polices of senior citizen etc. During this year a special educational tour has been conducted by the Santha to the capital city of Assam Guwahati and they visited the entire historical and religious places. This programme is sponsored by famous social actives and business personality Sri Premeswar Choudhury. It is proud for us that some renowned citizens and organizations visited the Old Age home and interacted with the inmates and provided food materials, equipment’s and  cloths for the inmates.

                Moreover some families had observed their marriage anniversary, death anniversary and birthday of children with the inmates of the Old Age Home. They also provide food, fruits, Medicines, Cloths and other equipment’s to the inmates of the Old Age Home. Some families also visited the home and take dinner and lunch with the inmates and the authority of the organization do needful for themselves. Sometimes local social workers, govt. employeesalso visited the Old Age Home and providing food materials and cash money to the inmates in the home. For the sake of welfare of the Senior Citizens the Santha hadestablished three nos. of Senior Citizen society in different district of Assam for running the three nos. of home from organization’s own resources at Tinsukia, Borpeta and Karbi Anglong.

                This financial year total 25 nos. of inmates are staying at Old Age Home among them 21 Nos. are female and 4 nos. are male. During the lockdown period of COVID-19 all the inmates are staying at the home without facing any problem and maintaining all rules and regulations announced by the Govt. usingmusk, hand wash, social distancing and hygiene.

Open Shelter Home

                  The Open Shelter Home is a child related scheme introduced by Govt. of India, Ministry of Women and Child Development. As per provision of JJ Act and it has been implemented through Non-Government Organization under State Child Protection Society, Assam as well as Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Assam. Accordingly the Santha has been conducting the Open Shelter Home at Panjabari, Guwahati in 2009-10 with a capacity of 25 Nos. of Children those whoare rescued by Childline from Railway station, market places etc. group upto 18 years of age. As per guideline the Children are referred from Child Welfare Committee. Since inception of this scheme total 98 Nos. of children are staying at home for short period which are restored  by the CWC to their families. During the staying period of children the Santha provided food, cloth, health checkup, vocational training for their allround development, education facilities, games and sports, cultural activities, educational tour etc. As per the scheme there are three nos. of contact point at Satgaon, Beltola and ISBT under Guwahati Municipality Corporation.The Outreach Workers of the contact point are regularly attending the Contact Point and they collect the information and contacted with the child those who run away without any reason. The CWC, Metro and District Child Protection Unit are monitoring the home regularly for the smooth functioning of home as well as allround development of child. The Grievance Redressal Committee and Home Management Committee held regularly as per the guideline of the CCI under the Presidentship of CWC. One Coordinator, One Social Worker, Two Nos. of Care Giver cum Bridge Course Educator, Three Nos. of Out Reach Worker and One No. of Helper are engaged in the home as per the guideline.

                During this financial year 98 Nos. of children are staying in the home and 93 Nos. of children restored to the families through CWC by the home.

                It is mentioned that the earlier this programmewas known as Street Child Welfare Programme sponsored by Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India and conducted this programme by the Santha in the year of 2002-2003.

                During the COVID-19 necessary steps have been taken by the Santha as per the guideline of the Govt. musk, hand wash, sanitization provided to inmates and staff and advised them to maintain social distancing. The District Administrator, Kamrup and CWC provided mental support to the children and sanitized the home for safety of life. Necessary grant in aid for the year 2019-20 is not yet received from the Society. Now the scheme is running smoothly.


                The Non Residential Primary School is an important scheme of Central Govt. Ministry of Tribal Affairs Scheme which is implemented through the Non Govt. Organization in all over India in the tribal people dominated rural and urban area. Accordingly the Santha has able to establish a primary level school with a capacity of 100 Nos. beneficiaries through state government Department of Welfare of Backward Classes of the Govt. of Assam.

                In the year of 2002-03 the Santha had opened this school at BorkulaAdrashaLalunggaonin the district of Nagaon, Assam far from about 15 kms from Nagaon district head quarter as well as central office of the organization. Since inception of the school every year 100 Nos. of students are benefitted those who are belonging from below poverty families and total 520 numbers of children are benefitted by the school to till today. As per the guideline of the ministry necessary books and educational equipment, uniform, school bags, shoes and shocks, umbrella etc. are provided to the children. The mid-daymeal are also provided to the children regularly and maintain weekly menu and served boil Rice and Dal, Mix rice and green Sabjee, Egg, Meat and Fish, Milk and Biscuit etc. The excursion programme is conducted once in a year where students can earn more and more knowledge from excursion places. In this excursionprogrammethe students already visited Guwahati city, Tezpur, Borhagohain Than, Nagaon, Silghat, Chapanala etc. The necessary games and sports equipments and music instruments are provided to students regularly. The school building is Assam type, well ventilated and available of electricity, water supply and toilets. There is  a school managing committee constitute by the organization consisting 11 Nos. of members selected from local community those who are  experienced in social service, education and panchayati raj institution, government plan and policies. Regular health checkup conducted among the children and provide medicine as per prescription issued by the doctor.  

                In every year the Santha has organized a training programme from its own sources among the school teachers for quality education. The resource persons for the training are invited from State govt., Department of Education. The teaching and other staff are appointed as per the guideline of the ministry and salariesare paid accordingly. During this financial year total 100 Nos. of students are benefitted as per Class One to Seven where boys 55and girls 31 The grant in aid for the year 2019-20 yet to be received from the ministry. It is mentioned that the General Secretary of the Santha, Accountant and Computer Operator of the Santha has participated in the workshop on PFMS system organized by Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India held on 11th Dec, 2019.

                During the lockdown period for COVID-19 the Santha has organized an awareness meeting among the students and parents for maintaining social distancing, use of musk, hand washing, use sanitizers and distributed musk, sanitizer, hand wash among them. During the lockdown period food packets (Rice, Dal, Sugar, Salt etc.)  are also distributed among students.


                 The Rural Library Scheme is an important programme of Central Govt. Ministry of Tribal Affairs which is implemented through the Non Govt. Organization in all over the Country at in tribal people dominated rural and urban area. Accordingly the Santha has able to establish a library in the year of 2002-03 at Itapara, Lalunggaon about 5 kmsfrom head quarter of Nagaon district as well as central office of the organization.

                  As per guideline of the scheme the necessary staff viz One Librarian, One Accountant cum typist (part time), One Peon cum Attendant, One Watchman are appointed. The library is opened regularly from morning 10.30 am to evening 3 pm. Average 20 to 30 Nos. of readers visited the library and collected the books. Some readers are reading books, magazines, newspapers in the library. About 17441 Nos. of readers are benefitted by the library. There are various type of readers like children, youths, adults, senior citizens belonging from 95% tribal community. The Santha has provided the various category of books like- Magazine, Poetry, Comics, Historical books, Story Books, Biography of Great Man, all Religious books, environmental books,  Articles etc. as per demand of readers.

                    During this financial year the library is running smoothly and 7200 nos. of readers are benefitted by the library. Grant-in-aid is not yet received from the ministry. The necessary preventive measures are maintained during Corona COVID-19 (lockdown period) as per guideline of state and central govt. Awareness programme are regularly organized among the local public for increasingthe number of readers and improving of reading habit.


                    The Santha has been conducting a Working Women Hostel since 2005-06 with a capacity of 60 Nos. of boarders. This hostel was constructed by the Santha with 75% financial assistance from Govt. of India, Ministry of Women and Child Development. Since inception of the hostel 560 Nos. of boarders are staying in the hostel till 2018-19. During the year of 2019-20 newly 32 Nos. of boarders are staying in the hostel. Maximum boarders are stayed in the hostel for short term period for skill development training, temporarily engaged in private institutions and non govt. organizations as well as domestic workers. Govt. school teachers and health workers are also staying in the hostel. The nominal fees collected from the boarders for water and electricity and maintenance of the hostel. The Santha has organized awareness meeting and discussed rules and regulations of the hostels in time to time among the boarders, specially health and hygiene, discipline and maintenance of hostel and behavior of the boarders. The organization facing troubles to maintain and renovation of Working Women Hostel for non-receiptof financial assistance as recurring grant from state of central govt. as well as other sources.


                       The CHILDLINE 1098 services is a national service programme introduced by Govt. of India, Ministry of Women and Child Development which is implemented across the country through Childline India Foundation and it is running by the non govt. organization. The aims and objectives of services are to reduce and prevent child trafficking, child marriage, child labour, child safety and also allround development of the neglected and abandoned child as per provision of JJ Act. As a non govt. organization the Santha has able to establish the CHILDLINE Sub-centre at undivided Nagaon district (Hojai) in the year 2012 sponsored by CHILDLINE India Foundation, Mumbai. This CHILDLINE 1098 Sub centre running properly from the beginning in guidance of Gram VikashParishad (collab). After declaration,Hojaias a full-fledged district,by the state govt. in the year of 2015, the Childlinesub centrecould be elevated as a district Childline Centre instead of Sub-Centre. Since inception the CHILDLINE Sub-Centre total 111 Nos. of cases are registered and take necessary action with the help of district administration, police department, district child protection Unit, Child Welfare Committee and regularly submited the report to the respective authority. The nature of the cases are registered like- child marriage, child labour, medical help, restoration, physically abuse, trafficking, parents asking help and runway. Awareness campaign/meeting are regularly organized by the Centre in different locations of the district Block, Panchayat, Schools and villages with the support of govt. and non govt. organization. Besides, in every year CHILDLINE Se Dosti a week long programme on the occasion of 14th Nov Children day are organized in various locations topopularize the CHILDLINE services as well as child rights. On the occasion of the week the Santha has conducted street drama, public, meeting, rally, cultural and game competitions.

                      As a part of the awareness programme, the Santha has regularly distributed the IEC materials like hand bill, leaflet, booklet and display the hording, sign board etc. and office staff of the organization participated in various meetings organized by Social Welfare Department, Railway etc. in time to time and explain about the CHILDLINE services. The Director of CHILDLINE Sub centre, Coordinator and Team Members attended the Childline Advisory Board (CAB) meeting and sharing their experiences held at district head quarter under Presidentship of Hon’ble Deputy Commissioner cum Chairman of CAB. The Directors meeting were held regularly and attended the same. The office of the CHILDLINE Sub centre is situated at the heart of Lanka Town ward No. 6 (Lanka Lumding Road) is an easy communication facilities of rails, buss etc.

                       For smooth functioning of the centre as per the guideline 1 no. Coordinator, 4 Nos. of Team members have been engaged. The district administration Hojai and Police department Hojai, Labour Department, Child Welfare Committee, District Child Protection Society, Health Department, Education Department and Social Welfare Department etc. are provide their support for smooth functioning of the centre.

                     The grant in aid for the year of 2019-20 are received from the CIF through RTGS and payment made accordingly as per budget provision.


                    Sadau Asom Gramya Puthibharal Santha has been running the Specialized Adoption Agency with the financial assistance sponsored by State Child Protection Society, Assam as well as Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Assam since 2016-17 at Sankar Nagar, Haiborgaon, Nagaon with the capacity of 10 Nos. of child. This scheme is initiated by Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India. The Santha has able to get the formal sanctioned  for the Agency after registering the Santha under Social Welfare Department as per provision of JJ Act. 2015 (care and protection of children) vide letter No DSW(G)/146/2010/Pt/245, dtd- 28th April, 2016, Regd No. 137/2016, valid up to 27th April, 2016 and empowered to voluntary organization registered under society registration act. 1860 and registered under section (34) 3 of the Juvenile Justice (care and protection of child as amended in 2006). As per the scheme there is a provision of adoption particularly orphan, abandoned, surrendered children between 0-6 years of age (in country and inter-country) laid down by full fill all terms and conditions who are interested to adopt the children under the JJ Act.

From the beginning of this scheme the total 18 Nos. of children have been handed over to the PAPs (Prospective Adoptive Parents) by the Santha after fulfillment of all terms and conditions through honorable court. Among the 18 Nos. of children 2 Nos. children were handed over to Italy and Finland PAPs during the year of 2017-18 and rest of 16 Nos. children were handed over to PAPs in different states like Assam, Tripura, West Bangle. Before handing over the child the PAPs is to deposit an amount of Rs. 40,000.00 to meet the adoption procedure expenditure as well as to meet the unseen expenditure during staying the child. Moreover, every PAPs are requested for online registration and need to upload in CARRINGS all required documents of the PAPs are to be submitted with Home Study fees to the Specialized Adoption Agency through bank account. All the childrens were handed over to the PAPs in presence of Adoption Committee.

                 Since inception, 71 Nos. of PAPs have been registered with the SAA and this financial year 15 Nos. of PAPs are registered. During this year 2 Nos. of children have been handed over to the PAPs in the state of Assam. There is provision of counselling with the PAPs before and after registration and also a provision of follow up action after adoption at-least four times. Accordingly staff of the SAA is dealing all the matters related to the adoption particularly Coordinator and Social Worker namely Runjun Bora and GoutamBordoloi respectively. Other existing staff of the SAA are - Two Nos. Ayah, One No. Nurse, One No. Child Specialist and One No. Grade IV are working smoothly. Required fund for the year 2019-20 is not yet received from the sanctioning authority. As per the guideline of SAA there are two committees are constituted Grievance Redressal Committee and Home Management Committee which are held once in a month for all related matters of the SAA. The meeting of Grievance Redressal Committee presided by Chairperson of CWC and the Home Management Committee meeting presided by DCPO, Nagaon.

                   Moreover the Santha has organized awareness meeting, group discussion in the different location of the district involving Social Workers, Asha workers, different officials, members of PRI etc. awareness meeting is arranged jointlyof the Santha with DLSA. We also distributed leaflet, booklet in the meeting. During the COVID-19 necessary preventive measures have been adopted by the organization in SAA like regular hand washing, wearing of musk, maintain social distancing etc. for the safety of life of the children as well as the staff of SAA. Necessary food items, recurring and non-recurring items provided to the SAA. There are many cradlesare installed in front of the SAA Centre. During COVID-19 regularly contacted with and reported to the DCPO as well as SARA. Coordinator of the SAA Runjun Bora also attended 3 Nos. of video conference organized by Ministry of Women and Child Development, State Child Protection Society, Assam and CHILDLINE India Foundation.


                   Special need children home is an important programme for physically challenged children as well as abandoned and orphan which is introduce by Central Govt. Ministry of Women and Child Development. This scheme is implemented by the Central Govt. through State Govt. Department of Social Welfare as well as State Child Protection Society, Assam in collaboration with Sadau Asom Gramya Puthibaharal Santha, Sankar Nagar, Chanmari Path, Ward No. 22, Haiborgaon, Dist- Nagaon. The Santha has able to get the formal sanctioned for the home (CCI) after registering the Santha under Social Welfare Department as per provision of JJ Act. 2015 (care and protection of children) vide letter No. DSW(G)/146/2010/Pt- 245, dtd- 28th April, 2016, Regd. No. 141/2016 in the year of 2016-17 valid upto 27th April, 2021.

                   Earlier the home was running including normal children which was withdrawn during the year of 2019. As per guidelines the necessary staff at the home has been appointed as like One Superintendent cum Counsellor, One House Father, One Caretaker cum Instructor, One Physiotherapist cum Special Educator, One Nurse, One Helper, One Cook and One Security Guard.

                     All the beneficiaries referred by the CWC which is constituted by the State Child Protection Society, Assam as well as District Child Protection Unit who had no any legal parents. Since inception of the CCI 43 Nos. of children are staying and there are 33 Nos. boys and 10 Nos. girls between age group 06-18 yrs. The type of disabilities are deaf and dumb, physical disability, mental illness, multiple disabilities, cerebral palsy, blindness. Among them 90% children are effected epileptic diseases. 

                    During this financial year 10 Nos. of special need children are staying in the CCI where 7 Nos. boys and 3 Nos. girls. During the staying period of the children providing nutritious food, conducting health check-up, physiotherapy programme, games and sports, art and culture, literacy classes, life skill training etc. Moreover sightseeingprogrammeis also organized. The CCI observed the different days and divas and festivals like Bihu, Holi, Children Day, Child Protection Day, SwachtaPokhoda, Birth Anniversary of Dr. BhupenHazarika, BishnuRabha Divas, Swaraswati Puja, Silpi Divas, World Disability Day, AIDS Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, World Hand Wash Day etc. Moreover community feast programme has been organized on the occasion of Magh and BhogaliBihu and outing programme also organized known as picnic.

                   During this year some dignitaries as well as well-wisher are visited the home and interacted with children through body and sign languages. Some higher officials namely Joint Director, Social Welfare Department,DCPO, Nagaon, Chairperson, CWC, Representatives of RastriyaMahilaKosh (Delhi)visited the CCI and offered the valuable suggestions for improvement of the CCI. During this year visitors also came to the CCI for the celebration of their marriage anniversary, death anniversary and birth day of children about 81 Nos. visitors come to the CCI since inception.

                   During the COVID-19 take special care to the children for their safety of life as per norms by the Govt. of India as well as State Govt. and necessary musk, sanitizer, soap, hand wash are provided and also maintain social distancing and not allowed outsider or any guest since starting the lockdown.

                  The grant-in-aid for the year 2019-20 is not yet received from the State Child Protection Society, Assam. The 10% organization share and taking loan against the organization is running CCI smoothly. 


                  Nabajiban Special Training Centre is a special programme for child labour, those who are not getting education, nutritious, food health and other facilities due to their poverty. In view of their allround development govt. of India Ministry of Labour and Employment are introduced as per Act. Earlier this schemes known as child labour school which is newly modified in the year of 2017. The STCs are running by the reputed registered non govt. organizations under state govt. as well as district administration known as district child labour project society. It is proud for the Santha that since 2006 the Santha has been conducting Child Labour School regularly where 18750 nos. of children are benefitted by the centre between age group 9-14 yrs.  There are provisions of free text book, mid-day meal, TLM and stipend which are ministry directly released to the Children an amount Rs. 400/- per month. During this year of 2019-20 the Santha is getting approval from Nagaon District Child Labour Project Society for 18 Nos. STCs which will be benefit 900 Nos. child labour. This STCs established as per survey and running in rented building.


         For the welfare of the poor students of theneighbouring villages to the central office of the organization like- Englsihpatty, Bishnu Nagar, Sankar Nagar etc. the Santha has opened and primary level school in the memory Vetran Educationist Late HoreswarGoswami in the year of 1996 from its own resources of the organization. Since inception of the school in every year 60-70 nos. poor students are able to get  free primary education. Secondly the Santha has established a high school in memory of NetajiSubash Ch. Bose during the year of 2006. Since inception of this school 80-90 Nos. of poor students are able to get education and mid-day meal. Both the schools are situated nearby PWD road at Sankar Nagar campus of the central office. The necessary staff are engaged for smooth functioning. The list of managing committee of the school is enclosed separately. The Organization has submitted a proposal to the department of Education Govt. of Assam to provincialisetheLate HoreswarGoswami Primary School. During this financial year 150 Nos. of poor students are able to get education from this institution in the initiative of Santha. The school building is well ventilated and water supply, electrify are available. The school building is constructed from own resources.