Since 1992 the Santhahas been running the Family Counselling Centre sponsored by C.S.W.B. and disposed many family problems like marital maladjustment, domestic violence, dowry demand, child marriage, illegal pregnancy, extramarital relation, biogamy etc. There are 1310 Nos. registered cases in the Family Counselling Centre and disposed 742 Nos. cases till date. Every year the Santha has observed the International Women’s Day, World Population Day, National Girl Child Day through Family Counselling Centre. Besides these the Santha  has organised Awareness Campaign amongs the urban & rural women including SC, ST for wide publicity of functions of family counselling centre and Domestic Violence Act. 2005. As per the Scheme 2 Counsellor, 1 Hon. Legal Expert, 1 Clerk & 1 Grade IV employee are appointed for smooth running of the programme. There is one sub committee consisting of 7 to 9 members including Police Personnel, Social Welfare Officer, Lawyers, Social Worker etc. for better co-ordination and effective result.

    Besides this the Santha have got registration as service provider under Domestic Violence Act.  2005 from the directorate of Social Welfare, Guwahati in the year 2008.  As a service provider Santha has regularly been serving notices to the respondent under Domestic Violence cases as per order of District Social Welfare Officer and gives other services to aggrieved person like shelter, medical assistance, police assistance, counseling etc. when necessary. About 200 Nos. of notices has been served in Nagaon district till date.

    Since 1996-97 the Santha has been running  Short Stay Home for destitute Women & Children sponsored by Central Social Welfare Board. Total 6040 Nos. Women & Children were admitted to the home since inception. During 2013-14, 283 Nos of Women and 84 Nos. Children were admitted to the Home. As per the Scheme the Santha had provided literacy Classes & Vocational training to the inmates and admitted the Children to the formal school upto age group of 7 years. Children between the age group of 0-4 yrs are provided necessary facilities in Creche Centre (Umala Ghar). Food, lodging, medical and recreational facilities are provided to the inmates. One Supdt., One Counsellor, One Rehabilitation Officer, One Clerk & One Grade IV employee are appointed as per the scheme. For better maintenance of the Home the Santha has formed 2 committiees namely home committee & neighbourhood committee. Meeting of the both committees are held quaterly to review the activities of the home.  Facilities  available in the short stay home only for 30 Nos. inmates.  As a part of the scheme every month the santha had organised the awareness campaign for popularize the scheme. The Santha dedicated the home in the name of  renowned Assamese first lady film Actress Late Aideo Handique. And hence it is known as Aideo Handique Mahila Abash Griha.

3) CRECHE PROJECT (Rajib Gandhi National Creche Programme)
    The Santha is conducting 2 Nos of  Creche Centre sponsored by CSWB at Haiborgaon and Lanka Bamungaon, District Nagaon  since 2000-01 till date. Children between age group of 0-6 years are benefitted. About 50 Nos. of children are benefitted every year. Nutrition, health checkup, recreational facilities are provided to the children. Besides these the santha has been running 36 Nos. of crèche centre at Sonitpur district and Darrang distirict  (BAJSS) sponsored by Central Social Welfare Board since 2008-09 where 900 Nos. children are benefitted by the programme every year. Necessary facilities has been provided to the children as per scheme. During 2013-14    900 Nos. of Children were benefitted by the scheme.

    Santha is conducting three Anganwadi Workers Training Centre (AWTC) at Nagaon, Panjabari (Guwahati) and Bokakhat (Golaghat) since 1996, 2004  and 2008 respectively which are sponsored by Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Assam and Ministry of Women & Child Development, Govt. of India. Since inception 10940 numbers of Anganwadi Workers and Helper were imparted training by these training centre. The training are imparted as per syllabus provided by NIPCCD. During the financial year the total 1885 Nos. of workers and helpers were imparted training.
    A Middle Level Training Centre (MLTC) has been conducting by the Santha for training of Supervisors under Integrated Child Development Services, Govt. of India since 2004-05. Till date 881 Nos. Supervisors have attended 30 days Job Training Programme. The training are imparted as per syllabus provided by NIPCCD where different component were included like ICDS, Nutrition & Health, ECCE, Community participation etc. During the financial year 8 Nos. Job Training Programme have been imparted successfully.

    The Santha has been conducting an Old Age Home sponsored by Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India since June/2001 for alround development of older persons above 60 years. As per the scheme every year 25 Nos of older persons were benefitted by this project. During 2013-14 total 25 Nos of Older Person ( Male 3, Female 22) has been admitted. Accordingly all the beneficiaries are getting nutrition, health care, recreational facility, excursions, literacy programme, film show, religion congregation etc. through the Scheme. As per norms of the scheme one superintendent, one social worker, one midwife, one part time doctor, one clerk, one grade IV has been appointed for smooth running of the project. Total 550 Nos of older persons were benefitted since inception. Every year the Santha has been observing the international older persons day for awareness of the programme amongst society and to avoid ill treatment to the Older Persons by family members as well as Societies. The Santha has arranged felicitation programme for senior citizen every year. During this year 35 Nos. of senior citizen in different place of district are given felicitation. 
    The name of the home is known as Saint Binuaji OLD AGE HOME.

    In April/2011 Child Protection Society, Assam under the Ministry of Women & Child Development has sanctioned a Open Shelter Home. The Santha is running this Open Shelter Home at Panjabari, Guwahati. There are 3 Nos. of contact point viz, Hatigaon, ISBT, Beltola, Guwahati. There are one Project Co-ordinator-cum-Counsellor, 1 No. Social Worker, 2 Nos. Care Givers cum Bridge Course Educators, 3 Nos. Out Reach Workers and 1 No. Helpers for cleaning and cooking purpose in the Open Shelter Home. During the last year total 283 Nos. inmates were benefitted by the scheme. The children are given facilities of home, food, clothing, medicine, books, play materials  and vocational training.

    The Santha is conducting 120 Nos of Special Child Labour Schools in different places of three Sub-Division Nagaon, Hojai & Kaliabor of Nagaon District known as Nabajiban Special Child Labour School under Nagaon District Child Labour Project Society sponsored by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India, New Delhi. As an implementing agency of the schools the Santha has engaged 240 Nos of Educational Instructor, 120 Nos Clerk cum Accountant, 120 Nos Vocational Instructor, 120 Nos. Helper for smooth running the schools. The Mid Day Meal, Health Checkup, Vocational Training and Stipend to the Children are provided as per the scheme. Academic calender and syllabus of Education Department, Govt. of Assam are followed by special school under NCLP. 5561 Nos. Children who are detected as child labour  in different places of Nagaon district including Hojai and Kaliabor sub-division between age group of 09-14 are admitted to Special Child Labour Schools. These schools are running since April/2012. Necessary fund are received from Nagaon District Child Labour Project Society. The students are Getting Rs.150/- stipend per month through their bank/post office accounts. 
    The necessary training programme for teaching staff, clerk, helper has been organized for better perfomance of the schools. It is mentioned that the Santh has running this programme since 2006 and able to enrolled the children in formal school (mainstreaming)  and rehabilited the same. 

    In 2002-03 the Santha has established a Non Residential Primary School at Barkola Adarsha Lalung Gaon sanctioned by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs Govt. of India. During this financial year total 101 Nos of Students (Boys 50 Nos., Girls 51 Nos.) are admitted to the School. As per scheme midday meal, health checkup, excursion, games & sports, music, physical exercise has been arranged. Necessary teachers and office staffs are appointed under the provision of the scheme. The Santha has  dedicated the School  to Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar and hence it is known as Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Janajati Bidyapith. During the year 2013-14 the Santha has not received grant-in-aid from the Ministry.

    During 2002-03 the Santha has established a Public Library at Itapara Lalung Gaon under Nagaon Sub Division sanctioned by Ministry of Tribal Affairs Govt. of India. About 6192 Nos. readers are benefitted by the Library every year of whom 95% are from tribal community. Necessary books and related Library equipments have been arranged under the provision of the Scheme. The grant-in-aid for the year 2013-14  has not been received from the concerned Ministry.

    The Santha is conducting a working women hostel since 2005-06 having a capacity of 60 boarders with a space of  7000 sq.ft. The building of the hostel constructed by the Santha with the help of  75% grant-in-aid from Govt. of India, MHRD, Department of Women & Child Development, New Delhi. The Hostel is running smoothly. 

    Childline India Foundation, Mumbai granted a Sub Centre of Childline 1098 services for Nagaon, Assam. Childline is a 24 hours emergency free call service for children in need of care and protection. It is a project under the ICPS of the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Govt. of India. Sadau Asom Gramya Puthibharal Santha has got the project from Oct, 2012 and running the programme sincerely. During this year Santha has organized a lots of awareness camp i.e outreach and open house programme in different urban and remote areas in Nagaon District. During this year total 74 Nos. of children are benefitted by this programme.

    The National Environment Awareness Campaign has organized by the organization with financial help of Ministry of  Environment and Forest, Govt. of India through Assam Science Society on March, 29 at Swahid Chandan Singh high school premises. A seminar on conservation of biodiversity was held which was conducted by Sri Pratap Hazarika, Vice President of the Santha, Senior Scientist Sri Dinesh Hazarika, Film Maker Sri Prasanta Bordoloi, Prof. Samarjit Ojha, Teacher Sri Sikhmala Bora and other dignitaries took part in the discussion. Earlier a procession was organized with various play cards, banner and posters. On occasion of the day a plantation programme was conducted in the school campus and road side of the area. Since inception the organization has observed theWorld Enviornment Day with various activities in different places of the district. About 25000 students and people are benefitted by this programme.  

13) SCHOOL FOR PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The Santha has established a special school name “Nayantora” for physically challenged children namely Cerebral palsy, Mental retardation, Autism and Multiple disabilities. This school is inaugurated by Hon’ble Minister of Social Welfare and Jail Mr. Akan Bora on 21/6/2013 in the presence of local MLA Dr. Durlav Chamua and Deputy Commissioner, Nagaon Dr. P. Ashok Babu. The Deputy Commissioner has donated Rs. 1 lac for preliminary works of the institution. The Santha is running the institution sincerely and regularly. At present 25 Nos. of children and 25 Nos. disabled persons benefitted through this school. Besides this the Santha  has organized vocational training programme for physically challanged person. It is mentioned that during this year Santha has provided necessary financial support to a physically challanged families consisting  of 4 members who are residents of Chaparmukh Railway colony. Amongs them three people are not able to walk. The Santha has paid them Rs. 1000.00 cash and food stuff every month. 

    The status of minority people in the country particularly those from the disadvantaged sections of the society is favourable empowerment of minority people is not only essential for equity but also constitutes a critical element in our fight for poverty reduction, economic growth and strengthening of civil society. So organization has established about 80 Nos. of Child Labour School in the minority dominated area to eliminate illiteracy. The organization is giving assistance through Family Counselling Centre, Old Age Home and Short Stay Home. The Santha has given stress on empowerment of minority women and emboldening them. Besides these Santha provide vocational training to the minority girls, women and students where 2000 Nos. beneficiaries are benefitted.

15) ADIP scheme 
    The Santha has organized Aids & Appliances programme at Bongaigaon district for physically challanged person with the financial assistance from Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India through Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Assam where 150 Nos. of beneficiaries are covered by the programme. A part of the scheme the Santha has organized assesment camp, counselling programme, survey, health check up etc. The necessary aids and appliances like wheel chair, walker, hearing aid, walking still etc.were distributed to 150 Nos. beneficiaries.